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Lucent Oak Studios is a motivated group of artist, game designers, and visionaries dedicated to providing conscious entertainment and products that benefit the Earth and humankind. We want you to know that when you enjoy our products and services you are creating a better world.

Here at Lucent Oak Studios we apply our core values of enjoyment, innovation, and responsibility into everything we do. We know by doing this we are not just creating entertainment, we are improving the quality of life on the planet.

At it's core L.O.S is a media production studio with the experience, fortitude, and skills to bring you top notch web-comics, animations, video-games, movies, e-books and a plethora of merchandise from t-shirts to coffe-mugs. In fact, our projects are funded by your purchases. So donate or buy a t-shirt if you want to see the next L.O.S Project completed!